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Flash jewellery

Here’s a Q&A I did with the lovely Nina Flash Gordon of Flash Jewellery and images of her amazing stacker ring collection, which she’s launched just in time for Christmas! I was already a fan of Flash, but knowing that my absolute all time favourite musician Erykah Badu loves it too, makes me love it that much more. Available in Dunedin at Belle Bird Boutique

Where are you from originally and where are you based now?

I am originally from Nelson but have spent most of my life in Wellington and now are back in Nelson for the summer and some Vitamin D!! Then we are making the move to Melbs next year.

2. When did you discover your interest in jewellery? What’s your earliest memory of creating it?

I have always loved jewellery but this love sky-rocked when I was at the age I was aloud an item of ‘real jewellery’ – I was that kid that would lose things, I use to go through shoes crazy lol.
My earliest memory would be me and my sister stringing together beads – my ‘thing’ was really long dangly earrings, they were hilarious!

3. Did you study silversmithing, if so where did you study and when?

I am mostly self taught – but I did do some humble night courses with my mum when I was 16 – 17. I loved doing them so much I did the course 5 times over and became that regular gal at the workshop using all the equipment. I learnt most of my base skills here.

4. When and why did you decide to start your jewellery label?

I started Flash in 2012 ish ..I never intentionally started the label, it naturally just happened. I was working for a metal design firm at the time and had made some rings at home in sterling silver, one day I brought them into work and put them in the production line to be cast and that’s how Flash was born.

5. How would you describe your jewellery and who’s it aimed at?

Flash is about attitude and confidence as much it is about silver and gold.
I would describe it as golden, heavy, playful and bad ass.

6. What materials do you use and why do you use them?

I use brass with gold plaiting – as I am such a golden gal I would love to use solid gold but I also want Flash to be accessible.
I also make everything in sterling silver – I love mixing them together!

7. How often do you release new collections/pieces? What’s coming up for flash?

I don’t really have a formula and or time line for releasing collections, I love that jewellery isn’t just for one season so it can be released whenever.
What’s next for Flash….. Good question. I am working towards getting overseas next year & hopefully locking in some international stockist and really wanna release a cool chain collection.Flash Stacker golden setDaze Ring  gold Daze rings silver Daze Stack  Lover stack gold Daze Stacker  silver Easy Ring  gold Foil Easy Ring silver foil gold Foil Stack gold Lover Stack silver Gold Lover stack Foil daze ring Gold Silver stacker set FLASH stacker silver

In Holly’s studio…

How good would it be to be able to borrow your boyfriend’s jewellery and vice versa?…Holly Howe Collections is a Dunedin-based jewellery label that harmoniously integrates the masculine with the feminine, to create beautifully structured unisex pieces. Last week I caught up with the designer behind the label, Holly Simpson Howe in her studio….

Where are you originally from? Dunedin

Did you study, if so where and when? Yes, I studied at Otago Polytech and graduated in 2009 with a Degree in Product Design.

Have you always wanted to create jewellery? To be honest no, I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do throughout my degree. It wasn’t until  I graduated that I started to think about what I should do. After a small freak out I decided to go to art school and specialise in  jewellery and metal-smithing, it seemed like a good hands on subject that would sit well with what I majored in. I then had a chance to work with a local fashion designer, creating a few pieces for her shop in town. From there I produced my 1st collection and haven’t looked back since.

When did you launch Holly Howe Collections? Holly Howe Collections was launched in the middle of 2011. Its almost our 2nd birthday!
What materials and finishes do you use? I mainly work in sterling silver. The upcoming collection features a couple of new materials which I am really excited about! So far ‘Out of the Blocks’ and ‘Shadowplay’ have been of a high polished silver finish with a hint of texture and oxidization. Little By Little, my latest earring collection was a chance for me to experiment with a couple of surface textures and finishes and has lead well into the new range I am currently finishing off.
What types of items do you create? A little bit of everything. The first 2 ranges were a good mix of unisex rings and pendants, but for the latest range I wanted to create something for the girls, so I came up with the mini earrings collection, Little By Little.

What’s the inspiration behind your current collection and when will you be releasing your next one? The latest collection, Little By Little is a way for me to test the market and introduce new techniques and surface patterning and finishes. I looked at the works of Ernst Haeckel whilst designing this collection. The new range is getting closer to being finished. I aim to have it out in the next month! Fingers crossed!

Can you give us any clues as to what to expect from the next collection? The new range is pretty exciting! Expect a larger range of jewellery, more items to choose from and a great mix of unisex pieces.

Your collections are unisex…which is so cool! it’s not very often your boyfriend can borrow your jewellery…can you tell me about it? I  never set out to create unisex pieces. When I bought out my first collection I didn’t expect it to be such a hit with males, since then I have designed with both sexes in mind. These days guys are into fashion just as much as girls are. It makes sense to make what the market wants. I love how anybody can wear Holly Howe Collections!

What are your plans for the next year?…anything exciting in the pipelines? Right now I am focusing on the release of the new range and starting to think about the NEW NEW collection. There are a few colabs in the pipelines with stockists and other brands which is rather exciting. All good things take time, so if not this year, then next. My main/major focus is building my brand, I have a good amount of stockists in New Zealand that I am super happy with. Aussie is the next stop, I have a few stockists over there, I find the Australian market is quite different to New Zealand so it is a slower process making a name for myself there.