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To the moon

It’s been way too long since I posted anything. Life’s been insanely busy as of late, particularly with iD fashion week (which for me more is more like fashion month!!!) and various other things going on, like lots of reading, walking and planning my trip to India next month. I’ve only ever been to Australia, so I’m pretty excited!!! Anyway here’s some photo’s of me, wearing some jewellery. I HATE getting my photo taken, but my darling friends Evie and Lauren have made me look a lot better than I usually do.

She wore the moon on her finger like a jewel, had a heart full of gold and cried tears of stardust. Photos//Evie Forno Make-up// Lauren Wells Jewellery//MHJ Model





Good Company for Christmas

It’s nearly time to over-indulge, spend quality time with the ones we love and most importantly celebrate the birth of baby Jesus! Something else that’s of great significance to me is that I’ll be giving and receiving presents and one of my favourite things to give and receive is jewellery, preferably Company of Strangers jewellery!
 he latest collection has been inspired by aspects of Japanese art and culture, Kintsugi a Japanese belief that the process of breakage and repair becomes an important aspect of an objects history.
Company of Strangers jewellery collaborator – Anne Mieke was inspired to ‘break’ their most treasured rings, and fuse them back together- bonding with a fine gold wire.
Culturally, Bōsōzoku the obsessive Japanese motorcycle gangs and their heavy chain jewellery inspired some of our necklaces and bracelets.
Chain links have been oversized and contrasted with finer, more delicate and wearable chain.
Fused medal charms have been added, this is able to be engraved with a lovers, friends or own name.














Walter Crow x Good Winter

I love a good creative collaboration, there’s something so wonderful about two forces coming together and creating amalgamated art.  That’s what the guys from jewellery label, Walter Crow and leather artisans Good Winter did…they came together and made a capsule collection of functional leather staples.

The range of items came to fruition through a mutual appreciation of each other’s design aesthetic over Instagram.

“If you follow someone long enough you begin to understand their work and creative process. We had admired the Good Winter team’s work for a while and thought that we were on the same page in terms of attention to detail and quality,” explains Walter Crow director Peter Bowden.

Having made the first move and sent off a private message it was only a matter of time until founder of Good Winter, Jared Faasalele replied to Peter and the ball got rolling.

Late nights in Jarred’s workshop lead to a range of New Zealand made travel goods inspired by humanity’s thirst for discovery.

Jared explains “Working with Walter Crow on this capsule allowed us to experiment with exciting new tools and textures. We were able to explore different methods of design and manufacturing and have learnt a lot from the process.”

The collaboration presents three utility based products that nod to the finer items in life. The utility roll, passport wallet and key holder have been crafted from chestnut and oiled veg tan hides. Unique and varied in tones, the items absorb natural oils and darken with age and use.

imprint on key fob

keys closed fob

passport showing stamp

passport wallet all out

passport wallet closed

roll up closed roll up open


Melting Memories



Here’s a Q&A I did recently with Creeps and Violets designer, Steph Miller on her SS 14/15 collection ‘Melting Memories’ and her label in general.

1.How did Creeps and Violets come about and when did you launch it?

I studied fashion design at Otago Polytechnic and instead of making clothing for my graduation collection I made jewellery-that’s when I discovered my love for creating it. I’ve never formally trained as a jeweller and am pretty much self taught, other than some work experience I did with another local jeweller. I launched Creeps and Violets in 2012.

2. Creeps and Violets is an intriguing name, how did you come up with it?

In my jewellery I combine harsh and raw elements with soft and feminine ones, in the design and the materials I use. I incorporate things like sterling silver spikes, studs and chain and with bright powder coated daisies and semi-precious stones and pearls, so it was important for me to have a name that reflected these extreme opposites.

3. Can you tell me about your latest collection ‘Melting Memories’.

Melting Memories is my fourth collection, which I’m just about to launch for summer 2014. It’s based around the idea that nothing lasts forever, that everything’s only ever fleeting. With this collection I’ve tried to immortalize memories and done things like cast my grandmothers eternity band and my dog Frankie’s puppy teeth.

4. What’s the creative process like for you?

I don’t have a set creative process, everything’s done organically and unfolds as I go along. I like to play around with objects and experiment, collecting old trinkets, going op-shopping, flicking through magazines and old books etc, looking for inspiration.

5. How has your work changed and evolved since you started?

I guess the main thing that’s changed is that I’ve really found my own style in the craft of jewellery making. In the beginning I took myself way too seriously and was influenced a lot by what was going on around me. I’m at a point where I don’t care too much about trends or what other people are doing and am happy to focus on simply creating work I’m proud of.

6. Your latest collection has a definite 90s feel, is that a decade which inspires you?

Yes! I’m a 90s child and am influenced a lot by culture during that time. When I was designing Melting Memories I was watching Daria and Freaks and Geeks looking for inspiration. I always like to have a muse too and imagine who would wear my collections.

7. So who was your muse for Melting Memories and why?

Francis Bean Cobain. She has a kind of toughness, yet soft vulnerability about her I find really appealing…plus I would love to see her wearing my pieces.

8. Other than Francis Bean, who else do you envision wearing your jewellery?

I see the brand as being young and fun, so it’s ultimately aimed at younger woman who want everyday wearable pieces. I imagine the Creeps and Violets girl to be a bit like me and not take herself or life too seriously.

9. You’re currently based in Dunedin, any plans on moving? What do you see in the future for Creeps and Violets?

I love being in Dunedin and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. This place has such a supportive creative community, which I think is really important for anyone starting out. Every season I aim to get a new stockist and am definitely looking at getting into the international market in the near future.

Photography//Emily Hlavac-Green Model: Mary @ Ali McD Agency Make-up//Katy Parsons Makeup Art








Escape_01 2 (1)




Roller Blaze

Roller Blaze is Dunedin jewellery label ‘Creeps and Violets‘ third collection and for this latest installment, designer Steph Miller is keeping with her notorious 90s aesthetic. Roller Blaze harmoniously amalgamates the rough and raw with the supremely feminine in a range you’ll find full of shiny stars, melting flowers and hand-painted candy coloured daisies. I am super keen to get myself some of the dainty daisy pieces…they are as cute as can be!

Photography: Emily hlavac green
Models: Kayleigh and Ollie @ alimcd
Makeup: Katy parsons EHGCAV3Product_18

In Meadowlark’s studio…

When I was in Auckland for fashion week a few weeks ago I stopped by Meadowlark’s new studio to check where one of New Zealand’s most coveted jewellery labels is created. The studio is how I’d imagined; stylish, spacious and light-filled, with polished wooden floors, beautiful campaign images on the walls and cool furnishings…the plant with the googley eyes was my favourite feature!

Photos//Rebekah Parsons-King






IMG_6265 (1)








In Creeps and Violets studio

Today I went and visited jewellery designer, Steph Miller of Creeps and Violets and her ridiculously adorable puppy Frankie in her brand new studio. With the stark white walls scattered with inspirational fashion images and artwork, cool fashion magazines piled about the place, vases of freshly cut flowers and prickly cactus dotted about on most flat surfaces and cluttered work-bench, you wouldn’t know Steph had only occupied this space for a mere few weeks, rather it looks as if she’d been creating here  forever.IMG_5236