White Trash

Here’s a photo-shoot I did at the end of last year that never really got finished post production-wise.

Make-up Lauren Wells// Styling and concept Cherry Hart// Models Fern Ritter and Lealia Devereux












Sweet abandon

I haven’t posted in so long that I’m sure anyone who reads this blog will probably have thought I’d abandoned it altogether! I haven’t, and I’m not planning to either, although I don’t post as frequently as I should…I’m not giving up. This is the one thing I’ve ever seemed to be able to commit myself too (it’s been nearly 5 years!!!)  albeit it does seem half-heartedly, I’m way more passionate about it than I ever was about all the things I chucked in, in the past eg, ballet, the violin, any diet, school, most romantic relationships and way too many other things to even list! Anyway here’s the last shoot I shot and styled before I went to India and became vilely ill…I won’t go into detail. It was gross and totally not fashion!

Hair and make-up//Rachelle Gourley Assistant//Shelley Darren Model//Mariette @Ali McD Agency

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To the moon

It’s been way too long since I posted anything. Life’s been insanely busy as of late, particularly with iD fashion week (which for me more is more like fashion month!!!) and various other things going on, like lots of reading, walking and planning my trip to India next month. I’ve only ever been to Australia, so I’m pretty excited!!! Anyway here’s some photo’s of me, wearing some jewellery. I HATE getting my photo taken, but my darling friends Evie and Lauren have made me look a lot better than I usually do.

She wore the moon on her finger like a jewel, had a heart full of gold and cried tears of stardust. Photos//Evie Forno Make-up// Lauren Wells Jewellery//MHJ Model





Into the woods

Here’s a photoshoot titled ‘Into the woods’ I shot last weekend for my label f.e.w, which I co-design with my mother. We specialise in limited edition luxurious silk kimonos, featuring exquisite detailing. This is the first time I’ve ever edited my own images 🙂 Model//Eva Duncan Make-up //Lauren Wells Styling//Maria Parsons and Me  Clothing //f.e.w & Company of Strangers Jewellery//Kelly O’Shea Jewellery IMG_9964

Eva1 copy







Young Ones 2….

When you see Krue Love walking the streets of Dunedin you can’t help but take notice. With his striking features, purposeful stride and dark moody style, he looks as though he belongs on an international runway walking for Rick Owens or Ann Demeulemeester.

Where are you from? If not Dunedin…what brought you here? I grew up in Gore for the most part, and ended up getting a job at Plume at the end of me finishing high-school. I was also doing a wee bit of modelling at the time, so it made sense to come here.

How old are you? I’m 20

What’s your middle name? Robert-Andrew (indecisive parents)

What do you do? I’m a full time shop boy at Plume Store

What do you do when you’re not doing the above? I love going for coffee, reading, doing exercise, watching things, going to art galleries, as well as spending time with the few people I surround myself with.

How would you describe your style? For me I feel like my style is kinda fluid. I’ll see something I like on the street and then it can play on my mind until I try it for myself.

Who or what influences you style? I would have to say random people that I see on the street when I’m walking around.

Who’s your favourite designer and why? Karl Lagerfeld and I’m slightly obsessed with Chanel and the way the brand is able to constantly keep fresh and young.

What’s your absolute favourite item of clothing to wear at the moment? Pretty much anything sleeveless.

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Walter Crow x Zora Bell Boyd

Two minds are better than one….perhaps? However when two creative forces collide the outcome can be pretty outstanding, as is the case with a recent collaboration between Auckland-based jeweller Zora Bell Boyd and accessory label Walter Crow. The duo have released a limited range of rings, based on a fictional tale involving the deadly plant-hemlock water dropwort.
The capsule collection includes five rings available in three different finishes. Dainty pod rings are set with black sapphires and translucent moonstones, floral bands dazzle with black sapphires and rubies and large ornate opera rings are finished with a large red ruby.
The release finds Walter Crow, the fictional adventurer and namesake of the brand, in Sardinia where he falls in love with a beautiful opera singer who has a horrible accident involving the poisonous plant.
“We’ve never done exclusively female jewellery and Zora challenged us to find the female in Walter’s story. The opportunity to inject some Shakespearean type drama was an exciting prospect,” explains Walter Crow co-founder Peter Bowden.
Working from the reference story, the resulting interpretation finds Zora’s creations landing on a midpoint between her trademark unrestrained style and Walter Crow’s muted colour pallet.
The rings are available to order online at www.waltercrow.co.nz and in store at Zora Bell Boyd jewellery.



Young one: Lily

Lily Van Buskirk is young, beautiful and talented. I caught up with this 17- year-old American sweetheart to find out what she’s doing, wearing and listening to this summer while residing in Dunedin.

Where are you from? If not Dunedin…what brought you here?

Massachusetts, USA. My mom is from Dunedin, my parents wanted my brother and I to go to school here

What do you do?

Go to highschool, work as a fashion model

What do you do when you’re not doing the above? (hobbies/interests)

I like to do drawings and paintings, and have conversations with my friends and my parents

How would you describe your style?

It’s not as consistent as I’d like it to be, I like different silhouettes but otherwise I think things only correlate because I’ve decided that I like them, or like someone that likes them

Who or what influences you style?

Overseas fashion that I can’t purchase but can attempt to emulate, there are some stylists that I always admire, which includes some of my friends too

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Dunedin?

I like to look in Plume but when I go out with the intention to ‘go shopping’ I can never buy anything

What will you be wearing this summer?

Shorts, a shirt, walking shoes

What will you be doing this summer?

Spending time with my brother, parents, friends, and by myself so that I can work on projects, and swimming at the pool or in the harbour

What will you be listening to this summer?

Grimes, Sleater-Kinney and Daniel Johnston

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