Home Alone

Here’s my latest photoshoot, inspired by a girl who’s…home alone.


Styling & direction// Cherry Pie of Mickey Loves Mallory and me

Hair and makeup//Lauren Wells Makeup

Model//Jessica Jordon

Post production//RPK Photography

Thanks to Belle Bird Boutique


Miss Crabb Dynasty top, Lonely Hearts socks


Miss Crabb Dynasty top, Stylestalker Machine shorts


Miss Crabb Dynasty top


Vintage denim jacket, Pared Puss n’ boots sunglasses, Make Hearts Race Petal shorts, 2 Bandits bib necklace      Meadowlark eyeball  bracelet


Vintage denim jacket and Miss Crabb knickers


Miss Crabb knickers, Lonely Hearts Sabel bra


Coop Scarface Claw jacket, Mickey Loves Mallory Patti tee, Meadowlark X Belle Bird collab ID necklaces and    ASOS socksIMG_2601

Coop Scarface Claw jacket, Mickey Loves Mallory Patti tee, Meadowlark X Bellebird ID necklaces, ASOS socks  and Kobe Husk Mono Platforms


Miss Crabb Summertime dress, Meadowlark X Belle Bird collab ID necklaces


Penelope MacDuff jewellery is an emerging Dunedin based jewellery label that I recently discovered and instantly fell in love with. Penelope has perfectly mastered the art of imperfection through her work, creating incredibly beautiful pieces with her debut collection ‘Nevertheless’, to adorn the neck, ears, wrists and fingers.

Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Cambridge but moved to Dunedin at the end of 2010.

Did you study jewellery design, if so, where?

I Studied at the Dunedin School of Art and majored in Jewellery & Metalsmithing. I graduated at the end of last year.

When did you first start making jewellery and why did you decide to start your own range?

Jewellery was not something I was particularly interested in until I did it as a first year elective – once I realised how unconventional jewellery could be, there was no going back. Producing a range of conventionally wearable pieces has been a challenge after the freedom I had at Art School, but I’ve loved it – I still can’t believe this is a real job!

What was the concept/inspiration behind Nevertheless?

The concept was to make sculpted forms that honour the presence of the maker and highlight the beauty of imperfection. I love sculpting metal into beautifully balanced pieces. I collaborate with Glass Maker Anne Ryan who produces hand formed links of chain that have a perfect irregularity and I love seeing the odd finger print in the campaign images from Photographer Emily Hlavac-Green.

What materials do you use with this collection?

Nevertheless has a sedate palate of 9ct Gold and Sterling Silver enhanced with Glass, Resin, White Sapphires and Pure Gold. I love the combination of Gold and Silver together – they enhance each other beautifully.

When will Nevertheless be launched? and where will it be stocked?

I’m hoping to launch it at the beginning of October and it will be sold on my Webstore (which is under construction) but I’m also in the process of approaching stockists.

Photos//Emily Hlavac-Green

Model Lily @ AliMcD

Make-up Aja Ann











Otsu-Morning Moon

I’d never heard of Otsu until their P.R. company sent me some info on their new range the other day…ofcourse I don’t know every single NZ label out, but this one is so beautiful and unique, I don’t know how I missed it! Otsu’s SS 14/15 collection ‘Mooning Moon’ is designer Yuka’s 6th to date and as with her previous collections she’s based this latest range on natural landscapes, particularly focussing on the morning moon. With this collection it was Yuka’s intention to invoke feelings in the wearer of what it’s like to witness the moon in the morning-surreal and haunting.awake top

coefficient shorts

kawa dress&peace shorts

melody dress&guide pants2jpg

peace dress

prayer dress



Meadowlark jewellery released their SS 14/15 collection Dynasty today and I think it’s one of their best yet-the jewellery and campaign images are equally mesmerizing!

Moving beyond the boundaries of orthodox adornment, Meadowlark sets it’s sight to further escalate its now cult status in a striking new direction.

“This new collection, Dynasty, is an exciting evolution that builds on our last two collections, Ritual and Veni Vedi Vici. We took the idea of 90’s piercing jewellery and put a luxe, grown-up twist on it using silver, gold and diamonds.” says Meadowlark designer and co-founder Claire Hammon.

Dynasty draws on a diverse array of muses – the endowment of an ancient Russian monarch, traditional Indian bridal adornment and grunge-luxe supermodel nostalgia.

Headpieces, nose chains, septum and lip rings are cast in precious metals, intricately etched and studded with beautiful stones.

Alongside these most dramatic and exotic of embellishments lies an equally eye-catching array of stud and hoop earrings, rings and necklaces, each cut in strong, sacred, elemental shapes – spears, thorns, discs – and regally encrusted with diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

With the kind of philosophy that defines Meadowlark thinking, and in a nod to the eternal art of body piercing, all earrings are sold singly – heightening the possibilities for unique, personal engagement of the wearer with each piece.

“As well as the bigger pieces, there are also some more understated designs we see as becoming classics – on the whole though Dynasty is designed for impact, it’s definitely a collection for the brave,” Hammon says.

Beguiling and bewitching, Dynasty is crown jewels for a modern anarchist queen: impaling the status quo, opulently provoking, decadently defying. Get it in Dunedin HERE. xxML1



NZFW Kate Sylvester

After a five year hiatus from NZFW, designer, Kate Slyvester returned to the runway with her winter 15 collection ‘Tartt’. Influenced by American author Donna Tartt’s 1992 novel ‘The Secret History’, Kate describes the collection as a “Slouchy celebration of casual luxury and sartorial classics”-a perfect description for a range which showcased many classic kate silhouettes, styles and prints; including her signature tailoring, ultra-feminine dresses and sensible, yet stylish sweaters. Most memorable was the confetti, created from pages cut out of Donna Tartt books, which began to rain down upon the models-a spectacular ending to yet another fantastic New Zealand Fashion Week.































NZFW Underground

NZFW Zambesi

My NZFW started a bit later than most, with me stupidly booking my tickets before the schedule was released, assuming it would be similar to last years, but it was not! Despite missing many of the shows I’d hoped to see, I didn’t miss out on Zambesi! As is always the case with Zambesi the winter 15 collection showcased impeccable tailoring, oversized coats and luxurious knitwear, with cobalt blue, khaki, black and a hint of lavender featuring throughout. A highlight was the XXXV printed jumpers, commemorating 35 years in business!!!















Tomorrow I’m off to my second ever NZFW…it’s exciting and daunting! Will keep ya posted. xxfront row

Martina Organics

Working as a beauty writer, I am constantly sent products to review which I’m often reluctant to try because of the chemical processes and ingredients used in their creation. I was recently introduced to Martina Organics and instantly fell in love with this artesian skincare range, created from certified organic ingredients. Newly introduced to the New Zealand skincare market, Martina Organics is created by portuguese born, Marta Camara, who relocated to Wellington with her family at the age of two. Marta’s mother taught her the importance of a balanced and holistic approach to beautiful skin and it was with this, along with her training as a beauty therapist that Martina Organics was born.Martina_26bw

I was fortunate enough to try the range, which currently consists of a moisturiser, cleanser and toner. I found all the products absolutely beautiful to use, evoking all the senses- they look, feel and smell delicious. You can buy it in Dunedin here.

Oil Moisturiser-A sumptuous blend created to soften protect and renew, this oil just melts into the skin. It’s not quite as good as getting a facial when you do it yourself but every night I  give myself to a mini face massage when applying this moisturiser before bed. This moisturiser contains evening primrose, argan and hemp oil which heal irrataions and target signs of aging. Baobab improves elasticity, jasmine and manuka repair and protect, marula reduces redness and scarring, while camellia and macadamia provide conditioning.Marta Organics-1

Toner-This toner smells so good, it could be used as a perfume too! A soothing blend of rosewater, anti-bacterial manuka, oil and sebum removing, blemish reducing, pore tightening witch hazel and redness reducing jasmine this toner is fresh and revitalising. Use spritz’s throughout the day to to freshen and hydrate!Marta Organics-3

Oil Cleanser-Designed to heal and hydrate, this oil cleanser removes impurities, make-up and excess sebum-without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture. Argan, manuka and hemp oils fight acne, inflammation and treat blemishes. Jojoba unblocks pores, marula and jasmine reduce redness and scarring, almond and apricot soften, while camellia hydrates and replenishes.Marta Organics-2




Here’s a sneak peak at the assembly of some MYDEERFOX accessories you can create at the next Creative Common Occupation event held tomorrow (Monday 25th August) at All Press Gallery, 8 Drake St, Freemans Bay, Auckland from 6pm. Go make some cool stuff!

Video created by RPK photography (aka my talented little sista!)