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Martina Organics

Working as a beauty writer, I am constantly sent products to review which I’m often reluctant to try because of the chemical processes and ingredients used in their creation. I was recently introduced to Martina Organics and instantly fell in love with this artesian skincare range, created from certified organic ingredients. Newly introduced to the New Zealand skincare market, Martina Organics is created by portuguese born, Marta Camara, who relocated to Wellington with her family at the age of two. Marta’s mother taught her the importance of a balanced and holistic approach to beautiful skin and it was with this, along with her training as a beauty therapist that Martina Organics was born.Martina_26bw

I was fortunate enough to try the range, which currently consists of a moisturiser, cleanser and toner. I found all the products absolutely beautiful to use, evoking all the senses- they look, feel and smell delicious. You can buy it in Dunedin here.

Oil Moisturiser-A sumptuous blend created to soften protect and renew, this oil just melts into the skin. It’s not quite as good as getting a facial when you do it yourself but every night I  give myself to a mini face massage when applying this moisturiser before bed. This moisturiser contains evening primrose, argan and hemp oil which heal irrataions and target signs of aging. Baobab improves elasticity, jasmine and manuka repair and protect, marula reduces redness and scarring, while camellia and macadamia provide conditioning.Marta Organics-1

Toner-This toner smells so good, it could be used as a perfume too! A soothing blend of rosewater, anti-bacterial manuka, oil and sebum removing, blemish reducing, pore tightening witch hazel and redness reducing jasmine this toner is fresh and revitalising. Use spritz’s throughout the day to to freshen and hydrate!Marta Organics-3

Oil Cleanser-Designed to heal and hydrate, this oil cleanser removes impurities, make-up and excess sebum-without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture. Argan, manuka and hemp oils fight acne, inflammation and treat blemishes. Jojoba unblocks pores, marula and jasmine reduce redness and scarring, almond and apricot soften, while camellia hydrates and replenishes.Marta Organics-2




Here’s a sneak peak at the assembly of some MYDEERFOX accessories you can create at the next Creative Common Occupation event held tomorrow (Monday 25th August) at All Press Gallery, 8 Drake St, Freemans Bay, Auckland from 6pm. Go make some cool stuff!

Video created by RPK photography (aka my talented little sista!)


I recently took these photo’s for my make-up artist friend Lauren, as part of a challenge she was working on for her job at M.A.C cosmetics.

Photography//Amy Parsons-King


Concept,styling,hair make-up, nails//Lauren Wells using M.A.C Cosmetics

Post-production// Rebekah Parsons-King

bath final crop

Pg 2 descript
Pg 3 descript
Pg 4 descript
Pg 5
Pg 6
Pg 7
Pg 8 pg 9 - back cover


The rare phenomenon of synaesthesia is pretty intriguing-imagine while watching a film not only your sense of sight and sound being invoked, but also your sense of smell. That’s exactly what happened when Sydney based perfumer, Vicki Kim was watching a scene from ‘The Graduate’ where Mrs Robinson attempts to seduce Benjamin Braddock.

“When I watched the movie, there was a moment where I smelt the scene,” recalls Kim. “I felt a part of it. I felt like I was in the room with those two. It was really voyeuristic, like I was a part of that scene. That really stuck with me.”

It was from this extraordinary experience that TETE A TETE was born in 2013. TÊTE À TÊTE’s fragrances are considered and imaginatively developed around a concept of time and memory in cinema. TÊTE À TÊTE recalls and explores the instincts and emotions painted by a character, mood and story from a film. The perfume is composed by drawing on the emotional landscape of a pivotal scene in the narrative.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted TETE A TETE  Meishan’s Room candle, which is inspired from a scene in the 1991 film, Raise The Red Lantern. Although I haven’t seen the film, the scent of this candle evokes the sense of sadness and melancholy portrayed in scene.

*A summer night around the Mahjong table in Meishan’s Room. Drifting gently from the record player, a song from her past life as an opera singer. In this scene from Zhang Yimou’s 1991 film Raise the Red Lantern we meet faded dreams and ill fated love.

TETE A TETE candles also come in scents inspired from the films, Blue Lagoon, The Graduate and Satis House and are available from Belle Bird Boutique.

Perfumer, Vicki Kim

Photography//Portrait by Daniel Gurton (


Meishan’s Room

meishans room teteatete

Satis House

Satis House teteatete

The Graduate

The Graudate teteatete


Rihanna wears Meadowlark

Rihanna features on the cover of the latest issue of W magazine wearing Meadowlark…which is a pretty huge feat for a brand hailing from little old New Zealand. No doubt since Lorde was seen covered by the brand’s jewellery during many performances and awards ceremonies earlier this year, the label is now seeing global recognition.

In the editorial RiRi wears Meadowlark’s large Thron Spetum ring from their forthcoming SS 14/15 collection ‘Dynasty’. Undoubtedly there’ll be a huge increase in septum piercings after this…just glad it wasn’t an eye-brow piercing, because they’re still a bit too boy-racer bogan to be cool.






Hirschy by Lonely

I like nice lingerie as much as the next girl and if I had the disposable income to regularly invest in it,  I would! Lonely lingerie is amongst my favs for intimate apparel and on Thursday night I went to Belle Bird Boutique to preview the latest Lonely lingerie collection,  ‘Hirschy’. As with all Lonely collections Hirschy embodies an ethereal femininity with a sensibility and rawness that makes you want to join the Lonely girl gang! The full collection will be available from Belle Bird mid-August, but you can pre-order now to ensure  you don’t miss out! SH14_LONELY__F0C5066


































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