Walter Crow x Zora Bell Boyd

Two minds are better than one….perhaps? However when two creative forces collide the outcome can be pretty outstanding, as is the case with a recent collaboration between Auckland-based jeweller Zora Bell Boyd and accessory label Walter Crow. The duo have released a limited range of rings, based on a fictional tale involving the deadly plant-hemlock water dropwort.
The capsule collection includes five rings available in three different finishes. Dainty pod rings are set with black sapphires and translucent moonstones, floral bands dazzle with black sapphires and rubies and large ornate opera rings are finished with a large red ruby.
The release finds Walter Crow, the fictional adventurer and namesake of the brand, in Sardinia where he falls in love with a beautiful opera singer who has a horrible accident involving the poisonous plant.
“We’ve never done exclusively female jewellery and Zora challenged us to find the female in Walter’s story. The opportunity to inject some Shakespearean type drama was an exciting prospect,” explains Walter Crow co-founder Peter Bowden.
Working from the reference story, the resulting interpretation finds Zora’s creations landing on a midpoint between her trademark unrestrained style and Walter Crow’s muted colour pallet.
The rings are available to order online at and in store at Zora Bell Boyd jewellery.



Young one: Lily

Lily Van Buskirk is young, beautiful and talented. I caught up with this 17- year-old American sweetheart to find out what she’s doing, wearing and listening to this summer while residing in Dunedin.

Where are you from? If not Dunedin…what brought you here?

Massachusetts, USA. My mom is from Dunedin, my parents wanted my brother and I to go to school here

What do you do?

Go to highschool, work as a fashion model

What do you do when you’re not doing the above? (hobbies/interests)

I like to do drawings and paintings, and have conversations with my friends and my parents

How would you describe your style?

It’s not as consistent as I’d like it to be, I like different silhouettes but otherwise I think things only correlate because I’ve decided that I like them, or like someone that likes them

Who or what influences you style?

Overseas fashion that I can’t purchase but can attempt to emulate, there are some stylists that I always admire, which includes some of my friends too

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Dunedin?

I like to look in Plume but when I go out with the intention to ‘go shopping’ I can never buy anything

What will you be wearing this summer?

Shorts, a shirt, walking shoes

What will you be doing this summer?

Spending time with my brother, parents, friends, and by myself so that I can work on projects, and swimming at the pool or in the harbour

What will you be listening to this summer?

Grimes, Sleater-Kinney and Daniel Johnston

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Good Company for Christmas

It’s nearly time to over-indulge, spend quality time with the ones we love and most importantly celebrate the birth of baby Jesus! Something else that’s of great significance to me is that I’ll be giving and receiving presents and one of my favourite things to give and receive is jewellery, preferably Company of Strangers jewellery!
 he latest collection has been inspired by aspects of Japanese art and culture, Kintsugi a Japanese belief that the process of breakage and repair becomes an important aspect of an objects history.
Company of Strangers jewellery collaborator – Anne Mieke was inspired to ‘break’ their most treasured rings, and fuse them back together- bonding with a fine gold wire.
Culturally, Bōsōzoku the obsessive Japanese motorcycle gangs and their heavy chain jewellery inspired some of our necklaces and bracelets.
Chain links have been oversized and contrasted with finer, more delicate and wearable chain.
Fused medal charms have been added, this is able to be engraved with a lovers, friends or own name.














Introducing JPALM

Julia Palm (JPALM) recently graduated from Otago Polytechnic’s Fashion School and it’s evident from her graduate collection that she has a thought-provoking and innovative approach to design…she is definitely a designer to watch!!!

The AW16 Collection ‘Leave the Dark & Holy Mountain’ introduces themes of cult religion, separation, and contrast. JPALM explores a clean modern signature with interest and intent. Bold PVC, flowing hair, boxy silhouettes and raw hems cooperate in a sombre junction. ‘Leave the Dark & Holy Mountain’ engages the wearer with a dusty colour palette of minty hues grounded by school yard greys & contrast with deep shiny black.
“Personal themes around my mother growing up in the Exclusive Brethren and other references to fetishism, were the building blocks for this collection. I used many links to Exclusive Brethren style and the forced rules & regulations, particularly those women have to abide by within this faith. I used human hair in this collection, as fringing on pockets and dresses, and also with accessories. I used the contrast I felt with this side of my family as an inspiration for textiles.”
Julia collaborated with several local artists for her collection including Ted Whitaker who created the below video as well as artist and jeweller Kelly O’shea who produced three looks for the collection, all using human hair. Kelly also made an oxidized sterling silver choker, bracelet and earring.
Photographer // Ted Whitaker Model // Alannah Kwant Jewellery // Kelly O’shea Make up Artist //Jessica Reeves Music// Emilie Smith from NIVUN1Y2A0799
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Collections 15′

On Friday night I attended Otago Polytechnic Fashion school’s 2015 collections, where 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students showcased their incredible talent on the runway. I studied fashion design many years ago and know how much hard work, determination (and in my case tears and late nights) it takes to design, draft and construct the outfits the audience saw. Awesome work and awesome talent!












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Clemetine’s a beauty

I recently wrote a story for The Otago Daily Times about local girl Clemetine George, who’s been signed to L.A. based NEXT model management. She’s a babe!

For such a small city it’s remarkable the number of international models Dunedin has turned out in recent years, and it’s all thanks to model scout Aliana McDaniel, of Ali McD Agency, who knows a beautiful face when she sees one.

Stella Maxwell, Tristan Barnett and Tommy Spence are just three young locals Ms McDaniel has discovered who have gone on to enjoy successful international modelling careers.

However, Ms McDaniel’s latest find, Clementine George, could just be her greatest discovery yet, having recently signed a worldwide contract with Los Angeles-based Next Model Management.

At just 15 years old, Clementine stands a towering 1.8m tall, with long honey-blonde hair, porcelain skin and striking green almond-shaped eyes.

She looks as though she was born to feature in high-fashion editorials and grace the world’s top runways. Read more…barton-0198





Strangelove X Danny Brisbane

Strangelove is sister brand to one of my favourite Dunedin clothing labels, Company of Strangers and they’re have joined forces with local artist, Danny Brisbane and created a really cool print, featured on a range of t-shirts, tanks and crew-necks which celebrates the unkempt charm of youth!

Danny Brisbane is a contemporary artist currently based in Dunedin, New Zealand.  His work is often auto-biographical drawing inspiration from personal events ‘music I’m listening to, things I’m reading and my personal life’.

Charged with punchy colour, energy and sometimes violence Brisbane’s work is a collage of anti-heroic figures swathed with americana, cartoons and tattoo culture.  

Embracing the free spirit of your inner youth, tees ,tanks and crew neck sweaters are emblazoned with a limited edition ‘Eagle print’ by Danny Brisbane.

These classic styles are the perfect accompaniment to ripped denim and those favourite old docs you just can’t seem to part with.