Introducing JPALM

Julia Palm (JPALM) recently graduated from Otago Polytechnic’s Fashion School and it’s evident from her graduate collection that she has a thought-provoking and innovative approach to design…she is definitely a designer to watch!!!

The AW16 Collection ‘Leave the Dark & Holy Mountain’ introduces themes of cult religion, separation, and contrast. JPALM explores a clean modern signature with interest and intent. Bold PVC, flowing hair, boxy silhouettes and raw hems cooperate in a sombre junction. ‘Leave the Dark & Holy Mountain’ engages the wearer with a dusty colour palette of minty hues grounded by school yard greys & contrast with deep shiny black.
“Personal themes around my mother growing up in the Exclusive Brethren and other references to fetishism, were the building blocks for this collection. I used many links to Exclusive Brethren style and the forced rules & regulations, particularly those women have to abide by within this faith. I used human hair in this collection, as fringing on pockets and dresses, and also with accessories. I used the contrast I felt with this side of my family as an inspiration for textiles.”
Julia collaborated with several local artists for her collection including Ted Whitaker who created the below video as well as artist and jeweller Kelly O’shea who produced three looks for the collection, all using human hair. Kelly also made an oxidized sterling silver choker, bracelet and earring.
Photographer // Ted Whitaker Model // Alannah Kwant Jewellery // Kelly O’shea Make up Artist //Jessica Reeves Music// Emilie Smith from NIVUN1Y2A0799
1Y2A0948 1Y2A1013 1Y2A1033 1Y2A1112 1Y2A1162

Collections 15′

On Friday night I attended Otago Polytechnic Fashion school’s 2015 collections, where 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students showcased their incredible talent on the runway. I studied fashion design many years ago and know how much hard work, determination (and in my case tears and late nights) it takes to design, draft and construct the outfits the audience saw. Awesome work and awesome talent!












IMG_8427 IMG_8444 IMG_8504












Clemetine’s a beauty

I recently wrote a story for The Otago Daily Times about local girl Clemetine George, who’s been signed to L.A. based NEXT model management. She’s a babe!

For such a small city it’s remarkable the number of international models Dunedin has turned out in recent years, and it’s all thanks to model scout Aliana McDaniel, of Ali McD Agency, who knows a beautiful face when she sees one.

Stella Maxwell, Tristan Barnett and Tommy Spence are just three young locals Ms McDaniel has discovered who have gone on to enjoy successful international modelling careers.

However, Ms McDaniel’s latest find, Clementine George, could just be her greatest discovery yet, having recently signed a worldwide contract with Los Angeles-based Next Model Management.

At just 15 years old, Clementine stands a towering 1.8m tall, with long honey-blonde hair, porcelain skin and striking green almond-shaped eyes.

She looks as though she was born to feature in high-fashion editorials and grace the world’s top runways. Read more…barton-0198





Strangelove X Danny Brisbane

Strangelove is sister brand to one of my favourite Dunedin clothing labels, Company of Strangers and they’re have joined forces with local artist, Danny Brisbane and created a really cool print, featured on a range of t-shirts, tanks and crew-necks which celebrates the unkempt charm of youth!

Danny Brisbane is a contemporary artist currently based in Dunedin, New Zealand.  His work is often auto-biographical drawing inspiration from personal events ‘music I’m listening to, things I’m reading and my personal life’.

Charged with punchy colour, energy and sometimes violence Brisbane’s work is a collage of anti-heroic figures swathed with americana, cartoons and tattoo culture.  

Embracing the free spirit of your inner youth, tees ,tanks and crew neck sweaters are emblazoned with a limited edition ‘Eagle print’ by Danny Brisbane.

These classic styles are the perfect accompaniment to ripped denim and those favourite old docs you just can’t seem to part with.

Babegal Lee is pretty popular!

With nearly 30k followers on instagram, I’d say Phoebe Lee a.k.a @babegal.lee has THE most followers out of any single person in Dunedin. I caught up with the Bratz-doll look-a-like to discuss why she has so many followers and where she gets her awe-inspiring outfits from…read on!

1.Who are you and how old are you?

I’m a 19 year old girl, pretty cute in real life and on the internet

2.I read somewhere that you study fashion? What year are you in?

I have completed the certificate in fashion studies at the Otago Polytechnic. The course went for half a semester and I plan on going back to continue into the 3 year degree in 2016.  I’m going to work hard and put all my passions into the course because fashion is what I love.

3. Why did you decide to study fashion?

I have always loved playing around and creating outfits for myself. I am very passionate about fashion and style, and I absolutely love to put my creativity to the test, so being able to learn how to make my own garments will open so many doors for me. I would love to be able to design and create anything I would like to. It will help me be able to express myself even more in the artists world.

4. What do you plan to do when you complete your studies?

I am really keen to travel, meet new people and explore more of the world. I want to do more modelling and collaborations with people that have the same interests or hold similar ideas. I also want to start creating my own brand, I also want to continue painting and making art and reading.

5. You wear some pretty cool creations on your insta, do you make them yourself?

Thank you, and no I don’t make anything for myself yet! part of what I do on instagram is I model and help promote clothing brands and online stores from around the world. I get sent mainly clothes and jewellery from places such as London, California, France, Australia and Thailand! With their products I dress up, style it, do my own hair and make up, and create my own sets and thing myself, as well as my own photography. Promoting Is a really cool thing to do, and I get to work/collaborate/model for so many cool people and companies

6. How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as outgoing, edgy but also very girlish and cute. My clothes I wear is what a Bratz doll would wear. I love different textures like silk and fur, I love pink and purple and pastel colours and I love making different fashion statements.

7. Who or what inspires your style?

I am inspired all the time by everything I see. I love nature, I love going thrift store shopping, I like to keep an open mind and heart and use my imagination when coming up with looks and ideas. I am inspired by all the people I follow on Instagram, everyone is so cute on the internet. I am also always inspired by movies, such as Moonrise Kingdom, Clueless, Lolita, Anime, foreign films and incredibly girly chick flicks.

8. You have a shit load of instagram followers, when did you open your account?

I had an instagram account for a while but I could never go on it (as my phone was too old, and used a friend’s phone). I had bought my first iPhone in the end of September in 2014, so ever since then I have been publicly posing on the Internet, with Instagram as my hobby.

9.Why do you think so many people follow you?

I guess my Instagram can be viewed as a fun page to look at. It has many colours and details and compositions, as well as the whole fashion and arty scene. Sometimes I read comments on my photos or messages from girls explaining how they scroll through my feed at crazy hours of the night just in awe/admiration for my photos, or sometimes posting a photo will brighten up their day/feed. I think my photos can bring a big sense of girl power too.

10.Is there a particular type of person that follows you

I think a lot of the people that follow me are the younger generations who are into the same sort of crazy funky fashions or like to admire it.

11. Some of your images are pretty provocative, some even quite controversial, why do you choose to express yourself in this way?

I basically use my face and my body as an art form. I like to portray artistic ideas using clothing, accessories, and jewellery. I am all about the fashion and art side and sometimes I will show skin in my photos to portray my fashion style  or artistic ideas. If anything is found sexual, there will always be a fashion/style side to the photo, because that’s what I’m here for!

12. No doubt you get some varied feedback from followers etc…how do you deal with that?

Apart from the odd rude or too random it had to be deleted comment, pretty much all of the things that are commented onto my photos are super sweet magical words said by super cute and lovely angel people. I have read so many comments and messages from my followers saying how much of an inspiration I am to them and many people look up to me, for being me and not afraid to express myself. Every lovely comment or cute emoji posted means a lot to me.

13. What do you enjoy most about instagramming? What do you feel you get out of it?

I enjoy using Instagram because it lets me be who I am. I love dressing up and taking fun photos, and I enjoy staying connected and uniting with really cool and cute people from around the world that are into similar things. Instagram is just a really great way to show what you can do, for everyone to see. it’s like an online portfolio.   IMG_8895 (1)





IMG_3033 (1)  IMG_3138






St Style

Some recent street style stylers…IMG_7474




ODT fashion shoot

The fact that I couldn’t immediately remember my WordPress login goes to show just how long I haven’t written a blog post…it’s been over a month! But I’ve been completely consumed on working on The Otago Daily Times summer fashion supplement and have literally lived and breathed it the last few weeks! It’s a whole 16 pages (which may seem few) but providing that much content has been utterly exhausting…and exciting! Here’s the unedited shots from the cover and the inside editorial I shot and styled, incase you missed the paper last Thursday. x Hair and Makeup//Christal Allpress Model//Charlotte @ Ican models. Big thanks to Kiki Beware






M.A.C making faces @ NZFW

Everyday I’m inundated with images on social media of what I’m missing out on at New Zealand Fashion Week this year! I should get off instagram, but I can’t…I’m obessed with all the amazing images that are pouring out…Luckily M.A.C are keeping me up-to-date with all the key make-up looks, so I have something to share with ya’ll. x

ITZME. Inspiration: Feminine with a daring edge.ITZME_002

ITZME_001                   Julian Danger. Inspiration:Beautiful, metallic, worn in eyes.Julian Danger_002

Julian Danger_003 (1)

Julian Danger_001

Lucilla Gray. Inspiration: She is an ethereal 70s beauty. Minimal tones were used on the skin. She has a graphic element on the eyes as a feature focus.Lucilla Gray 001

Lucilla Gray 002      Lucilla Gray 003                                Kate Sylvester. Inspiration:Picasso’s MuseKate Sylvester 002

Kate Sylvester 001

NOM*d. Inspiration: Dream or Die. A worn-in dark eye makeup that could have been slept-in, teamed with silky, perfected skin.NOMd_001




Twenty Seven Names. Inspiration: Creamy, Clean Beautiful Skintwenty-seven names_002

twenty-seven names_004

twenty-seven names_001

twenty-seven names_003

Introducing Jack Hill…

One of my favourite designers from last years iD International Emerging Designer Awards was Wellington-based Jack Hill, who recently relocated to Dunedin, to live, work and develop his label. I talked to Jack about his label (Jack Hill) and why he choose to come live in the deep, dark South. Below are images of his new studio and his show held last Friday to launch his latest collection.

Where are you from originally?
I was born in Christchurch and grew up in Waipara.
Where did you study fashion?
I studied at Massey in Wellington.
Why did you decide to move to Dunedin?
I moved to Dunedin for few reasons. After taking part in the emerging designer section of iD, I started to think about moving here. I was looking at spaces everywhere but when I found this one, I knew that it was the right place to be! I also like the look of the old buildings.
Why’d you decide to open your own studio/showroom?
I have always wanted to have my own space. When I was younger I loved to watch the Coco Chanel movies and more recently Dior and I. I like the idea of a designer growing in one space over their career. I have also slowly accumulated a lot of machinery and it doesn’t really work having it in a flat or at my parent’s house. It’s far too much stuff to have in a house now. And I work faster in here with everything in it’s own place.
Is this your first collection, is it for summer 15??
This collection is exclusively for sale right now in my store! I’m going to include one-off pieces here. Its not for a specific season as it took me a long time to pattern make, sample, size grade and cut. I do everything myself at the moment, so I made it quite trans-seasonal, as I knew it would be impossible for me to keep up with the fast season changes in the same way other labels do. When I’m in the position to employ people I will design for specific seasons.
Can you tell me about the collection? Inspiration, fabrics? 
I try to use the most sustainable fabrics I can find in New Zealand so there’s lots of organic cotton and undyed fabrics. Its all New Zealand made. Its important for me to continuously work on sourcing the most sustainable fabrics and making stuff in New Zealand. I think as a new designer I’m obligated to consider how my brand will grow ethically.
Do you make clothes for boys and girls?
I make clothes for both boys and girls, lots of its unisex and then other pieces I definitely make with one gender in mind.












Marr Factory 16′

The Marr Factory series of exclusive runway shows was held this week at one of Auckland’s coolest bars, Golden Dawn. Stephen Marr along with M.A.C cosmetics showcase some of the hottest hair and make-up trends on some of NZ’s top fashion designers. Here’s a look at the key make-up looks from the shows.ZambesiInspiration: The Zambesi Spring/Summer 16 woman is radiant and glowing with a really dark graphic quintessential eye.ZAMBESI_MARR-14

ZAMBESI_MARR-13 NomD Facechart

Inspiration: Music icon Nico from the Velvet Underground’s slept in eye makeup.NOMD_MARR-4


13082015174407-0001 13082015174407-0002                           Inspiration: Glitter glam with a touch of rock n rollWORKSHOP_MARR-54

WORKSHOP_MARR-90Karen Walker                                            Inspiration: The Time MachineKW_MARR-6