I recently took these photo’s for my make-up artist friend Lauren, as part of a challenge she was working on for her job at M.A.C cosmetics.

Photography//Amy Parsons-King


Concept,styling,hair make-up, nails//Lauren Wells using M.A.C Cosmetics

Post-production// Rebekah Parsons-King

bath final crop

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Pg 8 pg 9 - back cover


The rare phenomenon of synaesthesia is pretty intriguing-imagine while watching a film not only your sense of sight and sound being invoked, but also your sense of smell. That’s exactly what happened when Sydney based perfumer, Vicki Kim was watching a scene from ‘The Graduate’ where Mrs Robinson attempts to seduce Benjamin Braddock.

“When I watched the movie, there was a moment where I smelt the scene,” recalls Kim. “I felt a part of it. I felt like I was in the room with those two. It was really voyeuristic, like I was a part of that scene. That really stuck with me.”

It was from this extraordinary experience that TETE A TETE was born in 2013. TÊTE À TÊTE’s fragrances are considered and imaginatively developed around a concept of time and memory in cinema. TÊTE À TÊTE recalls and explores the instincts and emotions painted by a character, mood and story from a film. The perfume is composed by drawing on the emotional landscape of a pivotal scene in the narrative.

I was fortunate enough to be gifted TETE A TETE  Meishan’s Room candle, which is inspired from a scene in the 1991 film, Raise The Red Lantern. Although I haven’t seen the film, the scent of this candle evokes the sense of sadness and melancholy portrayed in scene.

*A summer night around the Mahjong table in Meishan’s Room. Drifting gently from the record player, a song from her past life as an opera singer. In this scene from Zhang Yimou’s 1991 film Raise the Red Lantern we meet faded dreams and ill fated love.

TETE A TETE candles also come in scents inspired from the films, Blue Lagoon, The Graduate and Satis House and are available from Belle Bird Boutique.

Perfumer, Vicki Kim

Photography//Portrait by Daniel Gurton (


Meishan’s Room

meishans room teteatete

Satis House

Satis House teteatete

The Graduate

The Graudate teteatete


Rihanna wears Meadowlark

Rihanna features on the cover of the latest issue of W magazine wearing Meadowlark…which is a pretty huge feat for a brand hailing from little old New Zealand. No doubt since Lorde was seen covered by the brand’s jewellery during many performances and awards ceremonies earlier this year, the label is now seeing global recognition.

In the editorial RiRi wears Meadowlark’s large Thron Spetum ring from their forthcoming SS 14/15 collection ‘Dynasty’. Undoubtedly there’ll be a huge increase in septum piercings after this…just glad it wasn’t an eye-brow piercing, because they’re still a bit too boy-racer bogan to be cool.






Hirschy by Lonely

I like nice lingerie as much as the next girl and if I had the disposable income to regularly invest in it,  I would! Lonely lingerie is amongst my favs for intimate apparel and on Thursday night I went to Belle Bird Boutique to preview the latest Lonely lingerie collection,  ‘Hirschy’. As with all Lonely collections Hirschy embodies an ethereal femininity with a sensibility and rawness that makes you want to join the Lonely girl gang! The full collection will be available from Belle Bird mid-August, but you can pre-order now to ensure  you don’t miss out! SH14_LONELY__F0C5066

































Melting Memories



Here’s a Q&A I did recently with Creeps and Violets designer, Steph Miller on her SS 14/15 collection ‘Melting Memories’ and her label in general.

1.How did Creeps and Violets come about and when did you launch it?

I studied fashion design at Otago Polytechnic and instead of making clothing for my graduation collection I made jewellery-that’s when I discovered my love for creating it. I’ve never formally trained as a jeweller and am pretty much self taught, other than some work experience I did with another local jeweller. I launched Creeps and Violets in 2012.

2. Creeps and Violets is an intriguing name, how did you come up with it?

In my jewellery I combine harsh and raw elements with soft and feminine ones, in the design and the materials I use. I incorporate things like sterling silver spikes, studs and chain and with bright powder coated daisies and semi-precious stones and pearls, so it was important for me to have a name that reflected these extreme opposites.

3. Can you tell me about your latest collection ‘Melting Memories’.

Melting Memories is my fourth collection, which I’m just about to launch for summer 2014. It’s based around the idea that nothing lasts forever, that everything’s only ever fleeting. With this collection I’ve tried to immortalize memories and done things like cast my grandmothers eternity band and my dog Frankie’s puppy teeth.

4. What’s the creative process like for you?

I don’t have a set creative process, everything’s done organically and unfolds as I go along. I like to play around with objects and experiment, collecting old trinkets, going op-shopping, flicking through magazines and old books etc, looking for inspiration.

5. How has your work changed and evolved since you started?

I guess the main thing that’s changed is that I’ve really found my own style in the craft of jewellery making. In the beginning I took myself way too seriously and was influenced a lot by what was going on around me. I’m at a point where I don’t care too much about trends or what other people are doing and am happy to focus on simply creating work I’m proud of.

6. Your latest collection has a definite 90s feel, is that a decade which inspires you?

Yes! I’m a 90s child and am influenced a lot by culture during that time. When I was designing Melting Memories I was watching Daria and Freaks and Geeks looking for inspiration. I always like to have a muse too and imagine who would wear my collections.

7. So who was your muse for Melting Memories and why?

Francis Bean Cobain. She has a kind of toughness, yet soft vulnerability about her I find really appealing…plus I would love to see her wearing my pieces.

8. Other than Francis Bean, who else do you envision wearing your jewellery?

I see the brand as being young and fun, so it’s ultimately aimed at younger woman who want everyday wearable pieces. I imagine the Creeps and Violets girl to be a bit like me and not take herself or life too seriously.

9. You’re currently based in Dunedin, any plans on moving? What do you see in the future for Creeps and Violets?

I love being in Dunedin and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. This place has such a supportive creative community, which I think is really important for anyone starting out. Every season I aim to get a new stockist and am definitely looking at getting into the international market in the near future.

Photography//Emily Hlavac-Green Model: Mary @ Ali McD Agency Make-up//Katy Parsons Makeup Art








Escape_01 2 (1)





Remember scuffs? that convenient footwear of the 90s that you could just slip your feet into. The slip-on sandal that undoubtedly acquired it’s name  from the literal ‘scuffing’ sound it made as you walked. I never owned a pair, but I remember the ‘sporty’ kids at school wearing them with tear-away track pants…you know those pants with domes or velcro down the sides that could be torn from the body  in one-fell-swoop, because sometimes it’s necessary to make a dramatic spectacle of the removing of your pants?! Anyway it looks like scuffs (not tear-aways, thank goodness) are making a come-back this spring/summer and I like them this time around. It’s still a bit too cold here to fully embrace the summer scuff trend, however unlike the jandal and sock fashion faux pas, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your scuffs with socks. Hallelujah!scufs5








Screenshot 2014-07-30 18.14.39 scuffs1

St Style

Here’s some of my favourite Dunedin St Style from the last couple of months…see more here.






IMG_0766 (1)


IMG_0532 (2)


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