Remember scuffs? that convenient footwear of the 90s that you could just slip your feet into. The slip-on sandal that undoubtedly acquired it’s name  from the literal ‘scuffing’ sound it made as you walked. I never owned a pair, but I remember the ‘sporty’ kids at school wearing them with tear-away track pants…you know those pants with domes or velcro down the sides that could be torn from the body  in one-fell-swoop, because sometimes it’s necessary to make a dramatic spectacle of the removing of your pants?! Anyway it looks like scuffs (not tear-aways, thank goodness) are making a come-back this spring/summer and I like them this time around. It’s still a bit too cold here to fully embrace the summer scuff trend, however unlike the jandal and sock fashion faux pas, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your scuffs with socks. Hallelujah!scufs5








Screenshot 2014-07-30 18.14.39 scuffs1

St Style

Here’s some of my favourite Dunedin St Style from the last couple of months…see more here.






IMG_0766 (1)


IMG_0532 (2)

Best of black

Peering into my closet is like looking into a murky abyss, it’s predominately dark tones and a whole heap of black. I’ve always liked to wear a lot of black, however living in Dunedin has definitely attributed to it’s increase in my wardrobe. I blame it on the abysmal weather. Ominous grey clouds, non-committal drizzle and freezing temperatures don’t make for a very sunny disposition. Here’s my mid-season ‘best of black ‘NZ stylez (bar the lipstick,sunglasses and shoes) P.S. I’ve also shared a link to my secret shoe source!

Lime Crime lipstick


Kate of Arcadia bag
Screenshot 2014-07-20 21.21.10

YES shoes

Screenshot 2014-07-15 23.15.03

Valley Eyewear

Screenshot 2014-07-19 17.29.28

NOM*d coat040_Dusta Coat

Georgia Alice pants

Screenshot 2014-07-15 22.47.37

Miss Crabb singlet

Screenshot 2014-07-15 22.44.44

Stolen Girlfriends Club crop hoodScreenshot 2014-07-14 10.10.52


In April I posted a video created by my sister for Creative Common Occupation…a group of  (mostly) AUT graduates, who focus on artisanal making practices. Here’s a second video she made for them. I love to see people doing what they love to do, it’s rare and inspiring. WATCH IT!…it’s V good!!! x

Lost highway….

She drives alone along America’s loneliest road. The highway stretches infinitely before her, the desolate surroundings blurring as she passes. Her golden hair dances in the wind, it’s ends whipping out the open window, as the scorching Nevada sun presses down upon her solitary vehicle. She takes a sip of her coke and a long drag on her cigarette. It’s been miles since she last saw any signs of civilisation on her journey along this road to nowhere. Dazed Digital made an awesome list of 10 of the best America road-trip movies, check it out here.  clothes



NOM*d makes No*Sense

You don’t have to speak Huttese, Jawaese or Wookiee to understand NO*SENSE, NOM*d’s SS14/15 collection, because it speaks its own language. With the knowledge and vision of a Jedi Master, Designer Margarita Robertson infuses the range with a new energy that fashions its own world, and, like ‘the force’ itself, should long “be with you”.

Strong diamond and prism prints feature this season, adorning dresses, skirts and slips like shafts of refracted lightsaber beams amidst a colour palette of Storm, Indigo, Dusk, Orange, Red, Grey and Black. Signature fabrics such as viscose crepe and georgette are mixed with cotton linens, gingham, printed nylon and cotton mesh. The Darth Vader of fabrics, neoprene, creates an overall sense of star power.

I want every single one of those printed singlets!018_Shuck_Dress


038_Tinker Dress_3qtr

040_Dusta Coat

057_Shuck Top+Bukee Shorts_side

068_Mki Shirt+Shirt Down Skirt






030_Shirt Up Dress

042_Dusta Coat

052_Grandio Vest_Bukee Pants


099_Long Moova Skirt+Bambosh Bomber



This is Walter Crow…

I recently discovered  jewellery brand ‘Walter Crow‘ on instagram and was immediately drawn to the black and white imagery of their photoshoots, the raw aesthetic of their jewellery and the fact their brand is based around a fictitious character named Walter Crow. Here’s the Walter Crow story, images from their first collection ‘Initiation’ and a Q&A with the enigmatic people behind the label.

“Walter Crow was born into this world wealthy and left it rich in experience. An impeccably dressed drifter with a restless spirit he spent his years on the road less travelled. Through the unearthing of fragments of travel journals, personal letters and sketches his legacy lives on.”

1. Who’s behind Walter Crow? The ‘Walter Crow’ family comes from a diverse range of backgrounds including marketing, communications and design. Having been friends since childhood we all play our part in telling Walter’s story.2. What materials do you use? Our jewellery is predominantly made out of sterling silver. In our bigger rings we’ve used black onyx and one of our rings ‘The Orphan’ has an inset black diamond.3. When was the label launched? The label’s been in the works for the past three years or so but we only officially launched about a month ago.4. What’s the inspiration behind your first collection, initiation? Yeah Initiation is our first collection. It draws inspiration from the crude tattoos done in Russian prisons in the early1920s.5. Why did you want to use a fictitious character and a fable as the concept behind Walter Crow? Our brand draws inspiration from an imaginary man’s travels around the world. In search of his missing parents, Walter scoured the globe leaving only an illustrated journal of his journey. Having already dipped our toes into commercial jewellery this was our chance to create an outlet for our creativity to run amok. The concept will become clearer as each collection we release will be informed by part of his journey.6. How did you come up with this idea?Walter Crow was dreamt up over beef schnitzel and a few too many beers around three years ago. Between drinks we drafted up the fable of the restless drifter Walter Crow.

The Orphan
The F.T.S
The Informer
The Orthodox




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